Sullivan County Park & Lake Campers Association

Sullivan County Park and Lake Campers Association, LLC

Responsibilities and Duties

The primary purpose of the LLC is exclusively as a social club organized and operated for the pleasure and recreation of its managers and members within the meaning of Section 501c7 of the Internal Revenue Code 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States revenue law to provide opportunities for Members and Managers to engage in recreational and social activities at the Sullivan County Park & Lake. Further purpose is to sponsor, host, and/or participate in events and activities that promote the enjoyment of camping at and visiting the Sullivan County Park & Lake.

Activities include, but are not limited to, organizing and sponsoring golf outings, frisbee golf tournaments, fishing rodeos, golf cart and boat parades, and other activities that campers and visitors request.

There is no membership dues or cost to belong to the Campers Association. The Campers Association meets the first Saturday of each month from March thru October at the main office at 9:00 am. Organizers of the LLC are obligated to promote membership, keep members informed of events, problems, accomplishments, and concerns.

Boaters Have A Great Hangout At Sullivan Lake

Spring is just starting to pop here at the lake, but that isn’t stopping us from thinking ahead to those long, hot, and glorious days of sunshine and fun. We are full steam ahead planning and anxiously waiting for those sweltering days.

Looking for a great summer location? Then consider taking a look right here. Sullivan Lake is a great local hangout for boaters of all types.  Zip around the lake on a tube or ski, relax while you cruise your pontoon around, or even kayak in the early morning or evening. If you choose the calmer hours you might just catch a glimpse of a resident Bald Eagle or two, or perhaps an Osprey swooping down for a meal!  There are several coves that offer safe ‘idle only’ areas where you may anchor your boat and go for a swim.   Don’t have a boat?  Rent one from the Park! Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with the process and information for availability.

Whether you want the thrill of the wind through your hair as you bump along or you prefer the lounge and laze style of boating, this lake has opportunity for both. I promise you will love the boating community that continues to congregate year after year. There are boaters who haven’t missed a summer visiting the lake since the opening in 1968. If that isn’t testimony enough for the fun had and the memories made here, I don’t know what is? The community that surrounds Sullivan County Park and Lake is truly one of a kind and makes the appeal of the lake more special.

Maybe boating really isn’t your thing or not really an option. That is completely ok! We have you covered for that too. The beach is also open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and offers a great place to cool off on the hot days. The beach is a favorite for the younger ones who love to wade and play in the sand. It’s a favorite for mom too since it offers a safe and inexpensive way to entertain the kids for hours while making fun summer memories to last a lifetime. It really is a great family friendly spot to relax for the day. Pack a picnic and enjoy lunch and snacks under one of our beautiful shade trees at the picnic area overlooking the beach area and lake. Even if you don’t have little ones don’t let that deter you from coming and cooling off. Our staff and generous volunteers are dedicated to keeping the beach in tip top shape so it is ready when you are.

Great Fishing Opportunities At Sullivan Lake

Sullivan Lake has great Crappie, Bluegill, Bass, and Saugeye!

Sullivan Lake offers a wide variety of great fishing opportunities almost year-round.  In the spring, crappie and bluegill begin biting very well, especially when water temperatures rise above 55°F.   When temperatures are 55-60°F, look for large schools of crappie to hold on laydowns and brush piles in deeper water close to the shore.  Fish slow vertically with minnows or slow-moving artificial baits.  As water temps rise into the lower 60s, crappie will begin to move shallow to spawn and the action can be fast and furious.  Throw curly tailed grubs or other artificial lures shallow in protected coves or pockets to target their spawning areas.  In and around docks can also be good this time of year.  This pattern should stay good until water gets above 70°F.  Bluegill can be found in similar areas, however, their spawn usually occurs from 67-80°F.  Bluegill will also hit the artificial lures, but it is hard to beat the classic worm or cricket under a bobber.  Daily bag limits for crappie on Sullivan Lake are 25 per person with no size limit.  There are no daily bag or size limits for bluegill.

You can also luck into a nice Saugeye this time of year!  Saugeye are a mix of Sauger and Walleye, and are great eating.  The daily bag limit is 6 and fish must be 14” or greater.  Fast moving baits like lipless crankbaits and jigs can trigger hard strikes.  These fish seem to be most active during morning and evening hours.

Don’t forget, Sullivan Lake also has a very healthy largemouth bass population.  Many tournaments are held on the lake every year (check out for a schedule).  Early in spring, fish rock banks where water warms the quickest with a spinnerbait or crankbait.  As bass move into spawn, try slowing down with a Texas-rigged soft plastic stick bait in the backs of coves.  The daily bag limit for largemouth bass on Sullivan Lake is 5 fish, which must be 14” or greater in length.

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